The purpose of this poem is to relay my discovery that no matter how
bad life seems to be, it is always better than getting fucked in 
the ass. I think, anyway.

"Getting Fucked In The Ass" by Alexander The Poet 

Do you know what I think hurts?,
I think, getting fucked in the ass
It's often done by perverts,
Who do it to make the time pass!

If you think your day job sucks,
Well, try getting fucked in the ass!
Be glad you drive around trucks,
Or mopping floors or pumping gas!

You know, they say life's not fair,
So is getting fucked in the ass!
If both of them you compare,
You'll choose life, unless you smoke grass!

So if you have enemies,
Like I am sure everyone has
Don't wish them any disease,
Wish them, getting fucked in the ass!