"I Want To Open Your Asshole, And Fuck It Nice And Hard" By Alexander The Poet 01.19.08

I want to open your asshole,
 And fuck it nice and hard
For cumming lots would be my goal,
 Leaving you very scarred

But how to open those butt cheeks,
 Is what I want to know
I've read up on a few techniques,
 And they're listed below

I could take a pair of pliers,
 And pull your ass apart
Then I could meet my desires,
 And fucking you can start!

I could also stretch your ass wide,
 If I use some forceps
Then inside my penis could slide,
 And do a couple reps!

I can use a pair of tongs too,
 And toss your salad well
With that, my cock can go right through,
 And fuck you like all hell!

To me, you have opened your soul,
 With the kindest regard
But can you open your asshole,
 So I can fuck it hard?