Inspired by the realization that having anal sex can't cause unwanted pregnancies...

"Let Me Fuck You In The Ass So You Won't Get Pregnant" By Alexander The Poet 01.28.06

If you don't want to get pregnant,
That problem, I know how to surpass
For I know a proven way you can't,
By letting me fuck you in the ass!

True, it may hurt you for a while,
As I have you in some contortion
But hey, afterwords, you can smile,
There'll be no need for an abortion!

For men, it's a dream come true,
Because anal sex is where it's all at
And it's great for you girls too,
Because doing it won't make you fat!

It takes a lot to support a child,
To feed them, cloth them, send them to class
Anal sex is cheaper and more mild,
So girls, let us fuck you in the ass!