"Pillow Biter" By Alexander The Poet 10.16.04

When you get fucked in the ass real hard,
And it feels like it's by an armadillo
It may definitely leave you scarred,
Only thing you can do, is bite a pillow!

A pillow biter you do become,
Biting pillows whenever your ass gets drilled
For anal sex will leave your ass numb,
At biting pillows, you will be very skilled

A pillow biter though, seems to be,
A nickname which gay guys are commonly called
It really don't make much sense to me,
Don't cocks up the ass, leave girls also appalled??? 

So if you plan to have anal sex,
Go buy a lot of pillows at Ikea
Getting fucked in the ass ain't complex,
Making you bite pillows is the idea!