Inspired by a pornstar who not only has great tits but has a great
personality as well...

"Kami Andrews" By Alexander The Poet 01.14.06

There is a hot pornstar out there,
Who just makes my cum so ooze
She has nice big tits and long hair,
Her name is Kami Andrews!

Pittsburgh she likes to call her home,
But why can't it be my lap?
For her sweet boobs, my hands would roam,
They'd make me cum in a snap!

The reason she got into porn,
Is to understand herself
But I understand my cock's worn,
From her movies on my shelf!

What Kami looks for in a man,
Tends to vary by her mood 
Men with manners are in her plan,
But then so are men with wood!

She's into many fetishes,
Her personality's great
And it is one of my wishes,
That we'd go out on a date!


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